Monday, February 6, 2012

On the Subte

i see sweat and sweat stains
the small imperfections on peoples clothes
wisps of hair flying
zippers up, zippers down
young mothers, families
dirty shoes and leather belts
teenage love and teenage angst
headphones, eyes closed
beggars, sellers, performers
blue collar, white collar
old and young
skinny girls with shoulder bones protruding
exhaustion, apprehension, boredom, curiosity
staring eyes
i hear conversations. foreign to me.
high heels and botox
grey hair and saggy breasts
eye glasses, sun glasses
shirts tucked
spiky hair, long hair, dred locks
many stumble, but no one falls
people sleeping, people reading, people talking
i am close to them, but so far away

February 6, 2012