Friday, February 6, 2009

Some recent thoughts on my broken GI system...

From journal entry 01/28/09:

God I am so sick of this unyeilding nausea! Sometimes I feel as though I'm living out some twisted curse, or unresolved bad karma from a previous life. Perhaps my mental grief is bigger than I know and expresses itself through my tortured guts. I pray for relief everyday.

From journal entry 02/03/2009:

The nausea continues today. My ticking torture gut bomb of madness. My never ending saga of pukey stomach drama. Well, I take the pukey part back. If I were to be pukey, perhaps that would help the situation. Whatever it is inside me, I wish it would find its way out in one pukey mass of relief. But alas, it sits there like a psychotic warthog with severe diarreha and a terrible case of genital sores. Roaming around my insides with its disgusting pus filled eye sockets, drooling and stumbling against the inside walls of my stomach. Creating a chaotic bubbling mess of my gastrointestinal system. Wrecking havoc on my digestive mechanics like a blind being with no arms or legs, but just a useless flailing stump of an existence.

I still pray for relief.

6 February 2009

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